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This year’s first program announcement for Southern Sweden Design Days

Graphic profile by M&E StudioGraphic profile by M&E Studio

The new international design festival Southern Sweden Design Days takes place 19–22 May in Malmö. During four days, the city is filled with exhibitions, seminars and workshops in more than 60 different locations. This year, Main Location at Lokstallarna will also open its doors with 6,000 sqm of exhibitions and a live studio with seminars and panel discussions in front of an audience. Today, a selection of the program is released on southernswedendesigndays.com

Southern Sweden Design Days highlights and builds knowledge about design – focusing on sustainability, collaboration, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a design-interested public as well as professional visitors. Free admission to all activities. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center – the main venue for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.

All program activities are related to this year’s theme ‘Proximitiy’. The theme calls for interpretations reflecting on the notion of being close – the connection between people, cities, countries, species, professions, etc. To produce and consume locally – to use the assets and resources that are close by to build a sustainable future. At the same time, be globally interconnected between continents, countries, and cities. To feel kinship with people all over the world and consider how closely we all are connected to each other.

Highlights in the program

At Main Location in Lokstallarna

Objective_Orange-Bench_2(c)Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Hang Around

Design research studio Objective strives to analyse and develop wearable objects through analysing the interplay between the body and its environment. The human figure is an important design tool for Objective and always plays a leading role in their interactive exhibitions. Hang Around is a collection of hammocks and swings that function best when in close proximity with the body or when in practical use. The collection invites the viewer into the work through activating the wearable sculptures through direct use. This plays around with the practicality of design and art and where the two meet.

Participants: Objective


Långed Furniture Collective

A collective exhibition of graduates from HDK-Valand Furniture Design Studies that forged close relationships during their education, exhibits their work in a group exhibition. During the pandemic, discussions and sharing of ideas became crucial to the groups wellbeing. All the projects exhibited have been designed and built in their shared workshop in the Steneby campus in the Dalsland forest. Within this creative bubble among the trees, they have all had the opportunity to tackle the multiple aspects of creating and designing with wood. One of the greatest experiences was to see how each individual approaches this versatile material in their own unique way. Whether it is through exploration of form, color, texture or more holistically; look at the furniture industry and its role in the contemporary discussion.

Participants: Josephine Asperot, Maike Brandl, Lauranne Chapelle-Barry, Marc Hoogendijk och Leo Palmer


Matter Displaced

To produce and consume locally is to use assets and resources nearby. This exhibition will highlight the designers addressing the mountains of waste already produced and will be produced. The chosen exhibiting products in Matter Displaced use waste as a material source, found locally, which we call "matter displaced". This new generation of designers are coming up with creative solutions to tackle these issues.

Participants: Melissa Ciardullo, Malmö Upcycling Service, Better Weather, Tobia Zambotti


Exhibition in the city

In Situ Arlöv

An approchement between past and present, origin and heritage. The exhibition is arranged in a number of improvised scenes or still lifes where Andréason & Leibel's designs mingle with rare design objects from Stefan Lindher's collection.

Andréason & Leibel work with stucco, a material that has been used in various forms for thousands of years - usually a mixture of plaster, lime volcanic minerals, and fibers - to create new furniture and objects. Stefan Lindher makes an inventory of his modern design classics from the last century and selects objects for the exhibition. The intention is to see what happens when designs by Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, Isamu Noguchi, and George Jouve, among others, are put in context with contemporary form. The hope is that a new exciting whole is formed, a NOW where the time that separates them ceases to exist.

Participants: Andréason & Leibel, Stefan Lindher Galler


Okay Amazing

What is a perfect surface? When is something finished? These past years handmade objects have gotten a huge boost thanks to clay and its accessibility. We can see chubby mugs and vases in almost every home and people without earlier interests in handicraft are now creating things themselves. With the “imperfect” objects a discussion is raised about what are, and are not a designed object. Have the standards for our home environment shifted focus - from perfect to personal, with a lot of time spent these past years indoors? What would furniture that encourages “good enough” look like?

Stor Studio invites to an exhibition where a few friends explore and challenge good enough. With simplified constructions, sloppy surfaces or lower demands at both our homes and lives, a collection of okay amazing objects will be shown at Southern Swedish Design Days 2022. 

Participants: Ateljé Lawa, Anna Ottosson, Jóna Berglind Stefánsdóttir, Maja Lindh, Pauline Matika, Stina Henriksson, och sa:k design studio


Halo, the bubbles' ritual 

“Halo, the bubbles' ritual” is the outcome of the collaboration between Björksoda and NMASA Design, an event where design is not only seen, but tasted. During Southern Sweden Design Days, visitors have the opportunity to visit Cowgirl Gallery to discover this bubbly birch elixir and its innovative glass, Halo. A glass whose design was conceived to preserve the finesse of Björksoda’s bubbles when it is served and create a visually-appealing experience that intensifies the qualities, nuances and flavours of the naturally fermented birch sap.

Participants: NMASA Design, Björksoda och Cowgirl Gallery


Scenes from a home

Ebba Lindgren invites you to her home, her factory, her gallery, her shop. During the corona years, working from home has become the norm — our private and professional lives have merged. So, in recent months, her apartment has transformed from a private sphere to a public stage. Its function has been reshaped according to her creative needs, as a designer and as a person.

Ebba has created a decentralized production line in her living room and gradually replaced all her interiors with new ones that she designed and built. These new interiors and belongings are all for sale during Southern Sweden Design Days!

Participants: Studio Ebba Lindgren


Proximity in digital worlds

Touch, gaze and energy are all things humans can sense when being close to another person. But how does the feeling of proximity translate to – or being replaced – when we connect in Zoom calls, games and the metaverse?

At Media Evolution they utilize two agendas in their curatorial efforts in understanding the complexities of our times: (A) human machine interaction and (B) systems understanding and new ways of organizing. A breakfast seminar will be held about agenda A.

 Participants: Media Evolution, Maria Engberg et al.


Live program activities at SSDD Studio at Lokstallarna


Omforma embraces the structures of the design industry to shake it up. Together they’ll create knowledge and statistics to redo and renew. A revolutionary workshop where you in real time expose scarcity and power. The workshop is a performance where every participant contributes to an application of textile art and revolutionary designer experience. By looking at statistics with a designer's eye the communication of power structures and scarcity will talk our language. A cooperative artwork take form.

Participants: Omforma


Program activities at SSDD Studio on website

Co-creation Fashion on Swedish West Coast

Koldbath's project film shows how Co-creation has led to the reintegration of crafts in the fashion industry - A journey of self-value, authentic connection, culture and creativity. Koldbath Craft Kollektiv is a cooperative of foreign-born women who explore co-creation design, traditional Scandinavian crafts and Swedish wool who work to meet a need for cultural, creative and economic inclusion among underemployed women, and reintegration of crafts in the fashion industry. Koldbath creates a safe space for collaboration and creative inclusion through crafts. Thus, it creates a profitable value chain for both Swedish wool and traditional craftsmanship and promotes the transfer of cultural heritage.

Participants: Koldbath Craft Kollektiv



About Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center is a meeting place, a venue for inspiration and a knowledge hub within architecture and design. At Form/Design Center you can visit exhibitions, our shop and café, or take part in workshops and lectures. Form/Design Center is also a platform for the design industry and a partner in selected development projects. Form/Design Center is run by Svensk Form Syd, a nonprofit organization. The Center is funded with support from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.


Project Manager – Southern Sweden Design Days
Ann Isler
Project Manager – Southern Sweden Design Days
Terese Alstin