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The full festival program is released for Southern Sweden Design Days

What will the future of clothing production look like? Can concrete cores, used latches and rejected leather, transform into timeless and functional furniture with a high level of design? How are IKEA designers and their design process affected by life changes, thoughts of evolution and learning? With a packed program with over 150 program activities, in more than 60 different places in Malmö, the city is filled with design. The entire program can be discovered at southernswedendesigndays.com

This year, Main Location at Lokstallarna will also open its doors with 6,000 sqm of exhibitions and a live studio with seminars and panel discussions in front of an audience. Lokstallarna in Kirseberg has a strong personality and history. In the 1930s, the old railway workshops were Malmö’s second largest workplace. Today, the local premises have been given a new life and serves as a vibrant culture and craft center.

Southern Sweden Design Days highlights and builds knowledge about design – focusing on sustainability, collaboration, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a design-interested public as well as professional visitors. Free admission to all activities. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center – the main venue for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.

Highlights in the program

Exhibitions at Main Location, Lokstallarna

Omformulerad Materia, Louise Hederström, Swedese, Skanska

Rephrased Matter

Can concrete cores, used latches and rejected leather, transform into timeless and functional furniture with a high level of design? Swedese, Louise Hederström Design and Skanska unite in a unique collaboration that helps protect our planet’s resources. Together, they explore the possibility to manufacture furniture from discarded materials: waste from construction sites and furniture production, along with sick elm trees.

Participants: Swedese, Skanska och Louise Hederström 


Design Futures, Eszter Varga

Design Futures

The exhibition Design Futures is about purposefully using design and its inherent creativity, in order to achieve changes towards futures of sustainability and beyond. Along with objects in visual communication that touch upon topics such as intersectionality, waste-management, feminism, queering and much more. The exhibition wants to emphasise the very potential of design to drive change.

Participants: Studenter från Design + Change och Visuell kommunikation + Change på Linnéuniversitetet


Element, Ludvig Hyrefelt


In the daily work as a ceramicist, natural resources as clay, quartz, feldspar, oxides, water as well as heat and wind energy are used. Small variations of a process can generate huge differences in the final results. Being one with the environment and working methods is therefore crucial, and something to always strive towards; being in one's right element. Element is a collective of artists who, with different design languages and working methods, agree on their preference for ceramics and arts and crafts. The exhibition consists of both sculptural pieces and tableware.

Participants: Ludvig Hyrefelt, Malou Hultman, Miriam Kronstrand, Hanna Petersson, AMPER, Johanna Nilsson, Åsa Wellander, Mim Westberg-Johannesson, Agnes Marin


Gläntan, Emilia Sundqvist

The Glade – A place for contemporary crafts

At a time of climate change, "The Glade" reveals itself. This is an exhibition produced by the Swedish Crafts Centre, where a unique selection of contemporary crafts come together as a refuge and a counterpoint to the flow of mass-produced objects of our time. Among the works in this exhibition, the language of the hand is evident. Artistic interpretation combined with technical skill creates a closeness to the material and offers tactile works with a strong presence.

Participants: Konsthantverkscentrum, Carl Richard Söderström, Cecilia Levy, Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Elsa Unnegård, Emilia Sundqvist, Hanna Liljenberg, Marie Eklund, Petronella Eriksson, Sanna Wallgren, Sara Lundqvist, Tore Svensson, Helena Sandström


Exhibitions in the city

magic waters, Kajsa Willner

Magic Waters

With the exhibition Magic Waters, designer Kajsa Willner wants to open up to a parallel reality. Based on a mishmash of structures, movements and color, a number of works have been produced that together form a collage of emotion and tactility.

Participants: Studio Kajsa Willner


wear the art x fngrlckn

Wear the Art x FNGRLCKN

Wear the Art is a collaborative exhibition between three designers and FNGRLCKN collective who met by coincidence shortly after moving to Malmö. Ine, Eliza, and Daniela share a love for vivid colors and graphic patterns. In this exhibition, they combine their designs and aesthetics to showcase a blurring of the lines between art and fashion, gallery and body. As the title suggests, visitors will be able to try on and style some of the designs on themselves.

Participants: Eliza Hilding, Ine Gyllensvärd, Daniela Doe, FNGRLCKN


Landscape Legibility, Sofie Berg & Nina Safavi

Landscape Legibility

In a creative collaboration between the ceramicist Sofie Berg and the landscape architect Nina Safavi, the connection between ceramics, people and landscapes is explored. To materialize landscape impact in ceramic form, flora from contrasting industrial and recreation sites near Malmö’s Öresund coast were collected, burnt to ash, and applied to porcelain tiles as glaze. Each tile reveals variations in the plant species and land use from the location it was growing, presenting a tactile expression of both local flora and landscape.

Participants: Sofie Berg, Nina Safvi


Live program activities at SSDD Studio at Lokstallarna

Let’s Get Closer, Niklas Madsen+James Newnorth

Let's Get Closer: Designing for Games vs. Reality

In this conversation, two designers from different worlds meet for a conversation about proximity. James Newnorth is a game designer and founder of Spelkollektivet, the world's largest co-living and co-working space - especially focused on indie game developers. Niklas Madsen is a designer at Superlab, working in product development and interior design. What does proximity mean for James and Niklas in their respective fields, and are there differences in approaches and thoughts? What can they learn of each other and how?

Participants: Nordic Game, James Newnorth, Niklas Madsen


Proximity for Design: Life at home as a starting point for everything

Danish designer Niels Gammelgaard and Indian industrial designer Akanksha Deo Sharma meet in a conversation about the design process. When designing for IKEA - how do they take life's changes, thoughts of evolution and learning as a constant presence? The conversation delves into the understanding how life at home and our past will helps us design for the future.

Participants: IKEA Museum, IKEA Malmö, Niels Gammelgaard, Akanksha Deo Sharma


Wisdome Sustainability Lab, ESS

Wisdome Sustainability Lab with ESS

Wisdome Sustainability Lab is a yearly recurring initiative from Malmö Museums’ new center for visualizations and interactive learning environments, Wisdome Malmö. Throughout a period of four weeks a group of 15 to 17-year-olds collaborated with a designer and a scholar in consciousness studies in an attempt to understand and visually interpret certain functions and applications of the European Spallation Source. This seminar is about the process; challenge-based learning, co-creation and the unseen – made visible with the help of neutrons.

Participants: Eva Davidsson, Joanna Lewis, Sara Lindström, Carl-Ludvig Svensson, Wisdome Malmö, Malmö Museer, ESS


Program activities at SSDD Studio on website

Sustainable Wardrobe, PAMPAS

Sustainable Wardrobe

So, what will the future of clothing production look like? What has had the greatest impact on the environment? And how must clothing consumption change in order for us to slow down the current effects of climate change? Although we see a significant number of eco-friendly labels on clothes in the large chain stores, few of us seem to understand what these labels truly represent and/or what is the impact of choosing one item over another. These are some of the issues that will be raised in our panel discussion, where will gather three fashion designers and two researchers from the field of Sustainable Fashion and Consumer Behavior. Visitors can also participate in the audience on site in Elfa Studio, more info about registration can be found on the website.

Participants: Elfa, Saif Bakir, Linnéa Samia Khalil, Birgitta Helmersson, Hanna Wittrock, Anna Lidström och Maria Collings.


About Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center is a meeting place, a venue for inspiration and a knowledge hub within architecture and design. At Form/Design Center you can visit exhibitions, our shop and café, or take part in workshops and lectures. Form/Design Center is also a platform for the design industry and a partner in selected development projects. Form/Design Center is run by Svensk Form Syd, a nonprofit organization. The Center is funded with support from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.


Project Manager – Southern Sweden Design Days
Ann Isler
Project Manager – Southern Sweden Design Days
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