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Southern Sweden Design Days – Malmö’s new design festival is now open

Main location at LokstallarnaMain location at Lokstallarna

With a packed program at more than 60 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. The doors are now open to Southern Sweden Design Days' main arena at the old railway workshops Lokstallarna in the Kirseberg district in Malmö. Free admission, 19–22 May 11:00–18:00.

Explore the program on southernswedendesigndays.com

Lokstallarna is a gathering place for the design festival with over 6,000 m² of exhibition space, a food workshop and a live studio with seminars for the public.

'SSDD Studio' at Lokstallarna offers a rich program with panel discussions, seminars, interviews and workshops. The program is in English and is broadcast live on the website.

Southern Sweden Design Days is organized by Form/Design Center in Malmö – the leading meeting place for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.

Highlights in the program

Exhibitions at Main Location, Lokstallarna

Meeting Places

When public space products are installed randomly, they’re less likely to meet community needs. But when the placement of outdoor products promotes a vision for bringing residents together, meeting places become part of the content. At this year’s edition of Southern Sweden Design Days, Nola brings this equation to life in the form of the Parklet concept. Parklet is a mini park designed to suit a wide range of urban surroundings and architectural backdrops. Designed with smart cities in mind, Parklet provides a ready-made, easy-to-install solution that brings well-being into focus.

Participant: Nola


PLUTO – A balancing act

At Southern Sweden Design Days, Swedish Ninja presents a new pendent lamp, PLUTO designed by the Malmö designer Louise Hederström.

"I have always seen Swedish Ninja moving in its own universe, where the design has its own expression. The pendent Pluto is my tribute to the pursuit of daring to think freely.  

We know the globe well from before, but how could it be perceived with a different expression? How could balance be found with a pendant that doesn't take up too much space but still gives space to the room?" 
 Designer Louise Hederström

Participants: Swedish Ninja, Louise Hederström 


The Cycle of Food

The result of a project assignment where the task was to develop a concept that supports, and make it easy to keep THE CYCLE OF FOOD local, generating no greenhouse gas emissions and contaminated waste.

Participants: Industridesignutbildningen vid Lunds universitet, LTH


The Glade – a place for contemporary crafts

At a time of climate change, "The Glade" reveals itself. This is an exhibition produced by the Swedish Crafts Centre, where a unique selection of contemporary crafts come together as a refuge and a counterpoint to the flow of mass-produced objects of our time. Among the works in this exhibition, the language of the hand is evident. Artistic interpretation combined with technical skill creates a closeness to the material and offers tactile works with a strong presence.

Participant: Konsthantverkscentrum

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Form/Design Center Pop-up shop

Form/Design Center opens a pop-up shop at Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days. The products will be presented in a mobile exhibition concept on wheels designed by Stoft studio and Kajsa Willner and can be purchased by visitors directly on site.


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About Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center is a meeting place, a venue for inspiration and a knowledge hub within architecture and design. At Form/Design Center you can visit exhibitions, our shop and café, or take part in workshops and lectures. Form/Design Center is also a platform for the design industry and a partner in selected development projects. Form/Design Center is run by Svensk Form Syd, a nonprofit organization. The Center is funded with support from the Ministry of Culture, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.